Sweet potatoes are growing

These are pictures from our sweet potato field that we planted sometimes ago and today we have come to see if there is any sweet potato underneath or if there is nothing.

Normally it takes months for the potatoes to grow, but in this case it took a long time because we first planted seeds which took three months to develop into fully grown branches suitable to be planted. We then pick up the branches and replanted it which took onother three months to come to this point. I think it becomes better when one plants branches directly not seeds. This is why it has taken so long for this harvest.

It is not as good as last year. The type of soil in which planted and water was not sufficient but the advantage is its taste, this one is more good to eat. No fertilizer not too much water. It is more dry when eating it. You need to keep water next to you if you eat it otherwise it can be hard to swallow it but that is the beauty of sweet potato.

You cook it, allow it to be cold and enjoy it. I usually as my breakfast do a mixture of avocado, pawpaw, beetroot, carrot and fresh spinash soup in a blender.