Julbrev 2023

Vi vill önska God Jul och Gott Nytt År 2024 och framföra Zibuses och vårt varma

Tack för ditt stöd!

Det är ni som gör det möjligt för Zibuse och hans outtröttliga team att jobba vidare i och omkring kåkstaden Ncotshane strax utanför Pongola i Sydafrika.
Därför vädjar vi om fortsatt stöd. Nöden har inte minskat, tvärtom. De redan fattiga är som vanligt också de mest utsatta. Hjälpbehoven är enorma.
Hjälpen sker just nu framför allt genom:

  • Children´s School Program – 450 barn får möjlighet att gå i skolan. Nu vid årsslutet delar Zibuse ut skoluniformer inför den sydafrikanska skolstarten i januari. Barns skolgång låg grundaren Anna-Karin Nyberg Mazeka varmast om hjärtat och är vårt viktigaste basprogram. Närmare två av tre tioåringar i världen kan inte läsa idag (källa: UNICEF).
  • Help to the poorest – nödleveranserna av livsmedel till ca 250 av de fattigaste barnfamiljerna i området har pågått under hela det gångna året och kommer att fortsätta under 2024. Svält bland barnfamiljer är ett akut problem i kåkstaden.
  • Farming project – jordbruksprojektet som startade vid årsskiftet 2021/22 och har gett skördar av sötpotatis i omgångar. Skördarnas storlek varierar beroende på väderlek och nederbörd, men projektet fortsätter med stort engagemang från framför allt ett stort gäng ungdomar.
  • Fotbollsturneringar som engagerar ett stort antal både tjejer och killar. Träningar och matcher är en mycket viktig del i Zibuses ständigt pågående brottsförebyggande arbete i kåkstaden.

Under det gångna året har vi hållit flera föredrag med bildvisning hos föreningar, församlingar, skolor mm. Säg bara till så kommer vi också till din förening eller arbetsplats!
Allt stöd gör skillnad oavsett storlek enligt Legenden om sjöstjärnorna, som bland mycket annat finns att läsa om här på vår hemsida.

Tack för gåvor till Bankgiro 868-3849 eller Swish 123 224 5041 (skanna gärna QR-koden)

Styrelsen, Insamlingsstiftelsen till minne av Anna-Karin Nyberg Mazeka

PS. Berättelsen om Anna-Karin och Zibuse finns i triologin med titlarna Alla andra dagar ska vi leva, Det största steget och Under marulaträdet.
Kan beställas via margaretabremertz@telia.com där varje såld bok ger ett bidrag till Zibuses hjälparbete i Pongola.

Sweet potatoes are growing

These are pictures from our sweet potato field that we planted sometimes ago and today we have come to see if there is any sweet potato underneath or if there is nothing.

Normally it takes months for the potatoes to grow, but in this case it took a long time because we first planted seeds which took three months to develop into fully grown branches suitable to be planted. We then pick up the branches and replanted it which took onother three months to come to this point. I think it becomes better when one plants branches directly not seeds. This is why it has taken so long for this harvest.

It is not as good as last year. The type of soil in which planted and water was not sufficient but the advantage is its taste, this one is more good to eat. No fertilizer not too much water. It is more dry when eating it. You need to keep water next to you if you eat it otherwise it can be hard to swallow it but that is the beauty of sweet potato.

You cook it, allow it to be cold and enjoy it. I usually as my breakfast do a mixture of avocado, pawpaw, beetroot, carrot and fresh spinash soup in a blender.


New youth committee formed

This Sunday I met quite a number of young people who are concerned about their unemployment. They have several concerns. They want me as a leader of AKNMf to lead them out of the difficulties they encounter on their lives.
They are not employed.
They have no skills.
They are hopeless.

Some are now more than 35 years old and unemployable in terms governments regulations where they usually say people to apply for job opportunities must be 18 to 35 years. So the question is the governments plans for people between 36 and 59 because they are unemployable and do not qualify for pension.
They wanted me to help them invite the Municipal Major and some higher government officials to come and explain what is in store for youth and adult youth.

The meeting was a huge success. My committee members decided that we should invite representatives from the whole area. It was later realised that should we allow all youth to come, our space will be too small so we then agreed on representatives who cover the whole area.
They all came as invited and we selected their committee. The new committee will soon sit for the first time as committee to organise their work plan but agreed that their Chair person will sit in the AKNMF meetings. They expressed their gratitude over a rare opportunity to have a forum where they can express themselves and make their voices to be heard. More progress will be reported. 18 community areas were represented.

All representatives.

These are the seven members of the youth committee

Three are part of farming group selected by their area of representivity, the rest are new.

Farming will a main part for it is a quick way of addressing hunger. We have identified land next to my home just below my home. I use to cultivate this land and no one told me to stop . I applied for a borehole to be dug two years ago and it was successfully dug. It was only two months ago that the leader of water department in my area came to me and introduced the bore hole and further asked me why am I no longer using the 30 hacters of land where the bore hole is. I told him that it was due to the absence of water but since water is available though not sure how much water is there, I will consider reusing the land. I consider it to be a very good opportunity to organised more unemployed willing youth to grow food to support their families. The old man’s land we are currently using is 15 km away from the Township but this one is a walking distance for every one willing to participate.

In our next meeting we are going to list different skills young people wish to participate in. We will also collect data of their level of education. Our sewing machines and the factory sewing machines are still there but with only two women left who are sewing. The lack of skill and financial support has led to the poor functioning of the sewing group. To have it back on track we need training for young people by a proffessional. They said certificate is not a priority because they don’t want to get employed but to get sewing knowledge and continue with the sewing project on hand.


Food distribution april 2023

We have started giving out food to needy people today. All people who receives this food run out of words to thank the organisation. They say this food comes at a time when food prices are currently highly unaffordable. The problems they are facing is the shortage of water in the area, it has been two days now without water.


New T-shirts to girl soccer teams

T-shirts given to the girls on Sunday. They were four teams playing in a competition.

I was then asked to convey their gratitude on such a beautiful  gift. The only thing noticed is the shortage of soccer shoes.

School uniforms distribution

Today we started to give school uniforms to the kids that were registered yesterday.

I arranged transport into Pongola, where the kids got uniforms in right size. And every kid was documentet as shown on the pictures. All in all, 450 kilds will get new uniforms.


School uniform registration

Yesterday, we were registering kids for school uniform to be received on Friday. 

May I take this opportunity to sound my thankfulness, on behalf of Ncotshane Community and Pongola at large. This is not happening any where else in South Africa except Ncotshane Pongola. This only happens within the community who once rub shoulders and accepted Anna Karin as part of their big family. Talking about the work of Anna Karin in this community arose emotions and collects tears in their eyes. I hope when she looks back on this good work ,on the impact that it makes to these people ,she looks at it with great smile. I thank all members of the Bord for making this help to be possible.


Christmas gift from AKNMF

Distribution of food to the most needing families is, and will be key, for our support in the Township.

Today we made a lot of families very, very happy!

This is a10 kg rice bag that was loaded onto a truck to be taken to receipients as Christmas gift from AKNMF.

These are the meat packs that were given together with rice to people.

Part of the community that received Christmas gift from AKNMF.