Gogo Thandi Mamazane Mbatha

Today I went out to meet some families though most children were in school but I managed to meet some Gogos and witnesses some appalling conditions under which some people are living. People are living in extreme poverty. Let us walk together and visit one of the families.

Here we are meeting Gogo Thandi Mamazane Mbatha. She lives in a 19×14 feet house together with her 10 members of the family which includes her grandchildren all between the age of one and 28 years.  This includes both fully matured girls and boys of the family. Only one child is attending a preschool. The problem always began when it is a sleeping hour when all these people have to be squashed into this small poorly built house structure. Amongst the members of this family there is one who is taking a TB treatment and already most members in this family are coughing and never been to the doctor to check their TB status.

She has struggled to buid a 15×15 feet one room but is unable to complete it due to financial problems. She is sharing her small pension with her 10 members of the family. To complete her one room she needs only six sheets of corrugated  iron price unknown yet  and six wooden frames which cost R300. 00 all together. She believes that the sum of R1500.00 can finish her one room since she has already paid the builder.  

To the left is her one room she wish to complete. And to the right is the inside of the room which has got only one single bad where we found one boy suffering from flue sleeping.

The plan is to complete her new room with the support from the Anna-Karin Nyberg Mazeka Foundation!