Nomboso Masango

During the autumn we found this article in ”Zululand Observer”

This is Nomboso Masango in front of her house. This is basically the look of the whole house. It has just been extended but not finished yet.

I found 16 children. The other 17 are brought in during the day and taken by their parents in the afternoon. The situation is terrible.

They have quite a number of needs but the most important thing is food. Some of the children are brought in by social workers. Some are left by parents who stay in Swaziland and never comes back so it is not easy to find birth certificates so they cannot access the government social grant. The rooms they have plus ones being extended are not enough. There are some children who have been at Isibani Sethu who are handicapped.

They use hands to wash for all the children.

This is the toilet they are using.

In the black plastics there are soiled pampas used by small children. They do not have place to have it disposed. The local municipality is refusing to collect it saying that it is because she is not in the township where the collection of refuse is paid for.

In one of the rooms there is an old lady who uses to stay at the hospice. She is also accommodated in this home.

I went back to that family and handed out some blankets I received from Kvarnbyskolan and hope they will be very happy to see that their blankets have done such huge different in lives of people who really needs them. Here are the photos with blankets.

I also gave some clothes from some individuals in Sweden. Here are the photos.

Some people in Sweden will remember that they did send these woolen handmade small blankets which I also felt it is the right place to give.

I also gave toys from Sweden as well. Here are the photos.

Thanks to those who contributed all the above. I hope Christmas has come early to some of the above children.

My problem with this is that it is a lot in one. There are handicapped children, there are homeless children, there are children from local community who are brought in during the day and taken back when parents are back from work. I believe those parents are paying.

It’s difficult for me to judge if this is something that AKNMF can support. She wishes to work with us but I have still been asking myself as to which part we can give support here. As I see it, the most important thing is food support.