Pre school visit

A couple of weeks ago I visited a pre school on the deep rural area of Pongola. I took some clothes, baby blankets, toys and books with me. It was a happy day for the children, parents and the pre school teachers that actually are volunteers.

Thank you Kvarnbyskolan in Mölndal for the lovely blankets!

And a big thank you to Agneta Blomberg who has sent the clothes, toys and books!


The mothers to the young kids received a blanket from Kvarnbyskolan.


Here are the kids that I met in the pre school with their new clothes.

Here are the pre school teachers who are volunteers at this pre school. The picture was taken when they received some toys as well as books that we have received from Sweden.


Among the kids I met in this pre school there was this seven years old boy who is physically challanged, poor sighted, has defect speech and is underweighted.
Due to all the above challenges he is not welcomed in the schools for normal children. His unemployed mother cannot afford to take him to a school which is suitable to his disabilities.
His name is Lufiso Simelane. He is mentally good and if you tell him to do something he do it correctly.
If he does not get immediate financial support he will not get any suitable education.